Fill out the form below to generate your mailing label!

Important: When you hit “submit” the label will be emailed to you so you can print it. Please check your SPAM FOLDER for this email. Look for the following email address:


SUPER IMPORTANT:  We use GPS data to generate your labels. If your address has a directional (ie. “N” or “W”), please type your address as it appears on Google/Google Maps (or any GPS).  For the most part, this means typing the letter “N” instead of the word “North”.   If the GPS cannot verify the address you typed (either because you misspelled a word or used “North” instead of “N”), the label will not be generated. 


If your label hasn’t been emailed to you within 10 minutes – that means that you mistyped your address. You’ll have to resubmit the payment request form again. Call us if you have any trouble.