NEXT STEP: Generate Your Label

Use The Button Below (You Must Have A Printer Available)

If you have a printer at home, please click the Generate Label button above to print your own prepaid shipping label.  When filling out the form, make sure that your address is spelled correctly.  If you misspell your address, no label will be sent.  Once you’re done filling out the “generate label” form, your prepaid label will be sent to the email you provided.  Look for sender

PLEASE NOTE:  Check the spam folder in your email if you don’t see your label within a few minutes.

If you do not have a printer, please refer to the “SHIP YOUR PRODUCT” section below:


As always, your Shipping Is Always FREE! 

IMPORTANT: YOUR TEST STRIPS MUST BE SHIPPED IN A BOX. Putting them in a bag or padded envelope will result in damage and we will have to return them.

If you’re not printing at home using our prepaid label generator, the best way to ship is to find an extra cardboard box at home that fits your test strips comfortably. Place your test strips inside the cardboard box along with some packing material (ie. newspaper or bubble wrap) to protect your test strips.  Bring your box to the Post Office and ask to ship using their “First Class Mail” service.  If the weight of your box doesn’t fall under the “first class mail” criteria, they will upgrade you to “priority mail”. NOTE: Any excessive shipping costs will not be reimbursed!  DO NOT USE EXPRESS MAIL, OR SHIP IN A BOX THAT’S TOO BIG FOR YOUR TEST STRIPS.

An email has been sent to you that contains our shipping address.  Again, please check your spam folder. If you do not see the email within 1 hour, please send a text message to 856-282-2056 and ask for our address.

After you ship your test strips to us, please submit your shipping receipt and the exact amount we owe you here: You can also find that link in the top menu of our website (“SHIPPING REIMBURSEMENT“).

We offer the biggest payouts for diabetic strips online. If you have any questions, or if you feel like you need to get in touch with us, please call us at 856.282.2056 or email us at We have a friendly staff ready to answer all of your questions.


Your $CASH is on it’s way!

PAYPAL (quickest)

We strongly suggest that you use PayPal so that you can receive “same-day payments” in the future. Setting up PayPal is easy and can be done in just a matter of minutes. You can also connect it to your bank account so that you can move the money to your bank account. Let us know if you need help setting one up.

All we need from you is your PayPal email address. If you haven’t provided your PayPal email address when you filled out the form, simply email it to us at


Western Union payment requires you to go to the local Western Union location and pick up your money. This is quicker than a Personal Check, but it does require you to make a trip to pick up the cash.

What we need from you is your full name and state and we will provide a confirmation number once we make the payment. If you haven’t provided your full name and state when you filled out the form, simply email it to us at

Important: There is a $2 surcharge for all Western Union payments.


Getting paid by a personal check will take a few business days. If you would like to receive a money order, we need your full name and your shipping address.

If you haven’t provided your shipping address when you filled out the form, simply email it to us at